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I am available for cyanotype and painting commissions! Send me an email at or use my "Connect" section below with a description of your vision and I will get back to you ASAP with more information :)

About me

Hello! My name is Jai Bolwell. I am an artist living in Santa Cruz, CA. I fell in love with cyanotype printing while earning my degree in Studio Art from UC Davis. Cyanotype is a beautiful photographic process that utilizes different elements of nature to create a deep cyan-blue print. UV rays from the sun react to exposed areas of light-sensitized paper, leaving a silhouette of the objects that cover it.


To create my cyanotypes, I collect flowers and plants while hiking, camping, and exploring new environments. The process gives me a deep gratitude for nature, and my artwork preserves that sentiment. By using plants from the earth, water to wash the prints, and rays from the sun to develop the cyanotypes, I view myself as a collaborator with elements, working as a team to create one-of-a-kind pieces. My oil paintings are a continuation of my enchantment with the monochromatic blue and white imagery, and an opportunity to further my connection with the natural world.


Thanks for your message!

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